Prices 2024


$1 200


$2 000

Full day

$2 500

Couple session


Couple Session​

An ideal choice for couples aiming to capture the joyous moments of their relationship. A one-hour stroll promises delightful emotions, expertly preserved in photographs. The outcome: over 70 pictures, all meticulously processed.

Price: $300

Question - Answer

If none of the provided service packages aligns with your preferences, I am more than willing to hear your thoughts and adjust the conditions and cost of the photo session. My goal is for both you and I to be content with our collaboration. I am always open to dialogue—feel free to reach out through writing or a phone call.

The photo session is elevated when adequately prepared. Hence, I consistently conduct a personal consultation for my clients. Together, we’ll not only choose locations for the photo session and define the photography style but also craft a detailed plan for the wedding day.

In each of the offered service packages, the total working time of the photographer is outlined. This duration encompasses not only active shooting hours but also includes time for movement between locations, pauses between events, and more.

The services specified in the packages are provided under the condition that the shooting occurs on the same day and within the designated time frame. For instance, if events such as painting and a wedding banquet are scheduled on separate days, separate arrangements for photography during the painting can be made at a special cost.

The commencement of the shooting is marked by the photographer’s arrival at the agreed-upon location at the prearranged time. If the client is late for the photo session, the photographer cannot guarantee the full number of photos included in the selected package of photo services.

The client will receive the designated number of photos as specified in the chosen service package, provided that the photo shoot commences on time. By availing photo services, the client agrees with my taste, shooting style, and photo processing, having previously reviewed my works in the portfolio. The photographer is responsible for selecting photos for processing. Unprocessed frames (raws) can be obtained from the photographer for an additional fee.

The photographer reserves the right to publicly showcase the photographs for advertising purposes. However, if the client wishes to exclusively retain the right to use the photos for personal purposes, the cost of the selected service package increases by $300.

The maximum time for processing wedding photos is 14 calendar days. Once completed, the finished photos will be uploaded to the file exchange for convenient access.

To initiate collaboration, I personally call each client. We delve into the plan and locations for the shoot. The client is required to pay a deposit of 20% of the total service package cost, with the remaining 80% due on the day of the shooting.